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Help getting started

In this section we have created a series of pages designed to help you understand LiDAR data and how it can be used to read the landscape. There is also information on the Kent LiDAR projects and the Terms of Use of this portal.

A series of informative tutorials have been created to help you in using and understanding the information on the Portal, including How to Digitise and Record, Gazetteer of Monument Types, How to Read LiDAR and Guide to Groundtruthing. You must be registered and logged in to the site however to access and view these. Once you are logged in, this ‘Tutorials’ page will appear under the Resources section.

Volunteers on Portal
Volunteers assessing features on the Portal
Kent LiDAR - How to Register

Registration on the Portal

Download detailed instructions on how to register for the Kent LiDAR Portal.

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Kent LiDAR Portal Volunteering

New members can register for free. Want to learn more about how to use LiDAR and seeing what hidden features and previously unknown archaeology can be discovered in the landscape? This Portal is designed as a means to not only view the LiDAR data, but to be a tool for mapping and interpreting it.